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Newstalk ZB with John Cowan / link

Richie sat down for a chat with John Cowan in October 2018.


Verve Magazine – Richie is Hardcore / link

Richie was on the cover of Verve magazine’s October 2018 issue talking about the work he does, the issues New Zealand is facing, mental health and how he manages his own wellbeing.

win Opinion Piece / link

Richie wrote an opinion piece for about why parents should talk to their children about porn, following a published article suggesting parents shouldn’t broach the subject.

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Viva / link

Richie and his partner, Claire Robbie, who is the founder of No Beers? Who Cares! sat down with Viva to chat about sobriety and each other.



ABC Australia / link

Richie was interviewed on ABC’s RN Drive about porn and objectification. Listen here.

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Fight The New Drug / link

Richie spoke to not-for-profit company Fight The New Drug, which looks at the damage porn can cause both psychically, emotionally and societally.

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White Ribbon Campaign – Respectful Relationships / video

Interview on TV 3’s The Cafe about the White Ribbon Campaign and respectful relationships


Don’t Drink From the Mainstream – The Women’s Collective / video

Richie gave an amazing, heart warming, passionate talk about the normalisation of behaviours in society around alcohol, porn and meat. He reckons these things are making us unhappy, unhealthy and comatose.  His talk was genuine, funny, sincere and full of truth, everyone left this event full of inspiration and hope.


New Zealand Drug Foundation Magazine, Straight Edge / link

Richie wrote a piece for the Drug Foundation’s magazine, Straight Edge, about his own experiences growing up around addiction.


Creative Mornings / video


Richie Hardcore speaks at the February 2014 CreativeMornings talk in Auckland about what it means to be a Modern day Rebel.